The product range

Ella® - Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO

It is the best known product, which gives the name to the whole line. Spun and cut manually, exactly as cheese makers used to do in Campania a century ago, this fresh cheese is wrapped in a brand new, handy and ecological laminated paper bag. The available sizes are the classical 500 and 250 gr. (drained weight), but it is also offered in the practical Bocconcini version (five 50 gr. morsels).

TrezzetElla® - Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO

Manually braided mozzarella - 250 gr. drained weight - wrapped in a bag as formerly described. When braided, buffalo mozzarella loses some moisture. For this reason, it tends to become a little bit harder than the round shaped versions and to maintain a long-lasting texture.

PagliarElla® - Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO Affumicata

Wrapped in the same new laminated paper bag, it has a 250 gr. drained weight size. This cheese is obtained by smoking fresh buffalo mozzarella through a very natural and traditional method: mozzarella is put over a grill, where it is slowly smoked by burning underneath some straw sourced from hay. This treatment gives mozzarella a very savory taste and significantly reduces its moisture content. A new, engaging ingredient for salads, risotto and many traditional pasta dishes.

LeggerElla® - Ricotta di Bufala Campana PDO

This is the very creamy and light product obtained by re-heating the whey which results from the traditional manufacturing process of buffalo mozzarella. No milk or cream are added, in spite of many other similar products, so that the final calorie content is just 101 Kcal/100 gr. It is a very suitable ingredient for spreading canapé and for many other culinary and pastry-making preparations. Packaged in a resealable tub of 500 and 250 gr. net sizes.

SfiziosElla® - Ricotta di Bufala Campana PDO

This is the finger version of the previous product, wrapped in a new and practical paperboard box containing ten 30 gr. net servings. An excellent choice for a light snack or an aperitif, as it is or dressed in some original ways: with spiced sauces, fresh fruits or vegetables, jams.

FingerElla® - Buffalo Mozzarella as Finger Snack

Small mozzarella cherries (ab. 18 gr. each), packaged in a resealable 500 gr. drained weight tub. Thanks to a brand new shaping technique, this fresh product is made to hold on the top any kind of juicy and appetizing stuffing: sauces, pâté, crushed vegetable mix, etc., so that it can be a very special base for modern and fun finger foods, where chefs, barmen and homemakers can easily disclose their creativity.

GoumElla® - Soft withe-rind buffalo cheese

This is a brand new and amazing cheese, slightly aged, where the buffalo milk fully expresses how complex and agreeable its composition and its flavor are. It represents the ideal way to end a meal, either as it is or coupled with some fresh fruits, nuts, jams, honey or wine reductions. It is wrapped in a fine vegetable paper and then placed in a 200 net gr. maple balsa wood basket.